Hearing Center of Arizona Inc



Hearing Center of Arizona offers a variety of cutting-edge hearing treatments to improve your quality of life. We recognize that each person is unique, as are their hearing needs. Our services are intended to address a wide spectrum of hearing difficulties.

Enhance your hearing with our solutions

Hearing Tests

Do you have any reservations about your hearing? Our thorough hearing tests are intended to assess your hearing capacity while providing helpful information about your hearing health. Our experienced specialists will guide you through the procedure, giving you information about your current hearing status and prospective areas for improvement.

Hearing Aid Repair & Fitting

Our skilled team customizes hearing aids to your specific needs, delivering a smooth fit for your lifestyle. We provide the most recent hearing aid technology, such as the Phonak Audeo Lumity with SmartSpeech, for improved speech understanding. In addition, our expert technicians execute professional repairs ranging from basic tweaks to major modifications, ensuring that your hearing aids function properly.

Hearing Aid Consultation

Choosing the right hearing aids is a critical step toward improved hearing. Our hearing aid consultation services are intended to help you make smart decisions. To find the ideal hearing aids for you, we’ll discuss your individual needs, preferences, and lifestyle. We aim to make you happy and provide a better hearing experience.

Waterproof Hearing Aids & Sweatproof Solutions

Our waterproof and sweatproof hearing aids are ideal for people who lead an active lifestyle, allowing you to participate in outdoor activities and exercise without fear of moisture damage.

Health Data Tracking

Our hearing aids provide integrated health data tracking, giving you entire control and insights into your hearing health, allowing you to monitor and manage your well-being efficiently.

Seamless Compatibility

Our hearing aids work in tandem with the My Phonak app, RogerTM microphones, and various wireless accessories to improve your hearing experience.

Clean and Check

Regular maintenance is required to keep your hearing aids in top working order. Our clean and check services include thoroughly inspecting, cleaning, and adjusting your instruments to guarantee optimal performance. This maintenance procedure is intended to extend the life and efficiency of your hearing aids.

Whether you require a hearing test, hearing aid maintenance, a clean and check, or assistance selecting the best hearing aids, we are here to help. Please make an appointment with us to take the first step toward better hearing and a more fulfilled life.